I'm flying. Can I take Companion with me on the plane?

Travelling with Companion by Air

Allex Laurin

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The Companion rechargeable lithium-ion battery has been tested according to the UC Manual of Tests and Criteria Part 3 Subsection 38.3 and is certified to meet the applicable ICAO, IATA and FAA requirements.

Battery Specifications

Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Voltage: 36 V

Capacity: 270 Wh

Airline Handling Instructions

What to Expect

Note: Although we cannot speak on behalf of Airlines or their policies, the following information is what other Companion users have experienced and shared with us.

  • Advise that you are travelling with a powered mobility aid when you book your flight
  • Carry the Airline Handling Instructions with you to the airport and present them to airline staff when they have questions
  • When you check in for your flight at the airport, the Customer Service Agent (CSA) will likely need to complete some calculations to ensure the battery is within guidelines. Provide them with the Battery Specifiations.
  • Drive your Companion to your terminal.
  • Officials may ask similar questions as the CSA and inspect the device at screening.
  • Drive your Companion through the airport to your gate.
  • When you arrive at the gate, your manual wheelchair will be checked and your Companion should be stowed inside the cabin either in the overhead bin or in a storage area by the Flight Attendant.

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